Hello and thank you for visiting our fundraising page.

I am writing this on behalf of my wonderful wife, one of the most caring people you will ever meet who was devastingly diagnosed with Alzheimer's Dementia 2 years ago at such an early age of 64.

This has been life changing news for her and our family.

The last 6 months have been particularly challenging for everyone close to her.  She is struggling with more than just her memory as she now increasingly needs help with even the simplest of daily tasks from getting dressed, finding things to just making a cup of tea.  This is extremely upsetting for her and her loved ones as she becomes more dependent on me, my family and others.

It has not been the picture of retirement that my Jan and I had planned however we are still able to laugh at some of the silly things and situations that happen now and we are keen to make the most of the days ahead as best as possible while we still can.  

With this horrible disease we know there are more difficult and challenging times ahead and like others with this disease we are going to need as much help for both her and my family.

In this respect Alzheimer's Support have plans to open a Dementia Centre in Salisbury which will provide a supportive and safe environment which will make a huge difference to people living with Dementia and their family carers.

It will provide some respite with the knowledge that Jan will have some good social time and being well looked after. 

However more funds are required to complete this project and we would like to help with this fund raising page.

Thank you everyone for reading our story and we are so grateful for any donation you are able to make. 

With sincere thanks and best wishes. 

Graham & Jan Marks and family

Janet Marks