Casually scrolling through Facebook one Wednesday evening, an advert for a charity skydive on my 35th birthday popped up. So doing like any sane person would, giving it little thought, I booked it.

I’d been paragliding the weekend before so seemed like the next logical step in what seems to be an ever increasing crazy year. In truth, it fulfils two things on my “Before I’m 35 Bucket List” which has now been slightly pared down due to the pandemic.

The details of the dive (which I have subsequently read), on September 12th involve a 10,000 ft jump, starting with a 30 second freefall, travelling at 125mph. The parachute will then open as you descend over beautiful Wiltshire. See, nothing to it.
The jump is Covid safe as a mask and gloves are to be worn and will be done in small bubbles. This is good apparently as you get to have a window seat on the plane 

The most important bit in all this is the fundraising part. The charity is Alzheimer’s Support. I don’t need to go into detail about how cruel an illness it is as unfortunately, many people will have seen first hand. My family have been personally impacted as I know have others.

adele apperley