With turning 30 next year I decided to create a list of 30 things to complete before I enter the wonderful world of my thirties.
Sky diving has always been something I’ve wanted to do so this was top of my list and looking into it I found you could do it and raise money for charities too, so it was a no brainier that I’d choose to do it for a charity!
So why this charity, as many, Alzheimer’s has unfortunately effected my family and what this charity does is incredible.
One of my best friends is also an Alzheimer Volunteer with Alzheimer’s having a direct effect on her close family, so this was another reason for choosing this charity, so I can raise some money for a cause that to me is close to home.
I hope you’re looking forward to seeing me jump out of an aeroplane ahhhh! Roll on 10th September ☺️
Thank you for reading my story ☺️ Alice Stoodley