Dementia is not the end. It is a new beginning where you do things differently. While some things change forever, there is still a lot you can do  - a Wiltshire man diagnosed with dementia

Although dementia is a much-feared diagnosis, with good support, the right information and good quality care it is possible to live well.

Over recent decades people have been diagnosed earlier and it has been more possible to find out from them what it is like to live with the condition. People with dementia say they want to be treated as normally as possible, to continue with interests and social contact, and to stay independent for as long as possible. Everyone is different. However people living with dementia have suggested that some or all of the following can help people to stay in control of their lives. 

  • Keep up with interests and friends and tell them what is going on

  • Join a group with other people with dementia. Many people find it helpful to meet and share experiences with others in a similar situation

  • Keep active. Go for regular walks or swims if you are able to

  • Hang a white board in the kitchen with daily reminders and keep things you are likely to lose in the same place

  • Have a newspaper delivered each day to keep your mind active and remind you of the date

  • Keep a diary

  • Tell your family you do not mind being reminded of things that you need to know

  • Think about using Alexa or a similar computerised prompt or support

  • See if your local voluntary sector organisation, in this case Alzheimer's Support, would like you to help them in their work. 

  • Connect with other people living with dementia for peer support and conversation. After all they are the experts!

  • Talk to one of our Dementia Advisers to find out more or look at the online Support Village for sources of support in Wiltshire

You can also download The Memory Book written by our trustee Paul Whitby, which some people have found extremely helpful.