If you shop at the Co-op you can chose any one of FOUR community groups across Wiltshire to support with free donations when you shop. 

You can choose whichever you like to benefit from your Co-op shopping from October 2023 to October 2024, and you don't have to live close by. 

All you need to do is choose your cause and sign up, which will cost £1 if it's the first time you have done this. (This is the Co-op membership fee which you only pay once.) Once you have signed up the Co-op will donate 1p in the £ whenever you buy their own-brand goods at any branch, anywhere in the UK. And you will get 2p in the £ as your own dividend!

Choose your Coop good cause

Below is a list of our groups and projects the Coop will support in your name until October 2024. Just click on the link to select them to benefit when you shop at the Co-op. You can only choose one! 

Amesbury Music for the Mind

Bradenstoke Art Group

Corsham Memory Shed

Mildenhall Movement for the Mind

How choosing us will help people with dementia

We rely on donations to keep our services running. Whether it's going along to a singing or art group, making new friends at a memory cafe, having some high-quality one-to-one time with a skilled and compassionate support worker or enjoying a day out at one of our award-winning dementia day clubs - the support we provide can make all the difference to families affected by dementia in Wiltshire. 

The funds we receive in your name as a Co-op Good Cause shopper will help us continue supporting people living with all types of dementia to lead active, independent and meaningful lives for as long as possible. 

Please note, even if you signed up to support us last year you'll need to sign up again to continue to support our cause.