June Windess was one of the founder members of Old Silk Works and her husband Ken, writes here about what the club meant to them. The pair, who recently marked 58 years of marriage, were longtime employees of the Longleat estate, Ken as Housemaster and June as Housekeeper of Longleat House.

I am delighted that you have asked me to comment on the Old Silk Works Day Care Centre, what it means to me and how it helped my wife, June, on her journey through the terrible stages of dementia.

This time last year June was kindly offered a place at the new day centre in Warminster. A few weeks previous to the opening I was given the opportunity to visit the Old Silk Works to see how the conversion - from an old Victorian factory to a state of the art facility to help so many people - was progressing. I immediately saw what a daunting task that all concerned had to achieve this, and I felt straight away that I wanted to be a part of this, especially knowing how it could be of great value to my dear wife. 

So having a background in the building industry and being a Carpenter and Joiner by trade, I volunteered my help in this fantastic project, putting up shelves, hanging pictures, and just about anything else that I could do to help.

The day then came when June and all the other people that soon became her friends arrived for the first time. Seeing the look on their faces when they first saw this modern, light and airy, comfortable building, was a sight I shall remember for the rest of my life, then being welcomed by Louise and her fantastic team with cake and cups of tea, all this followed by games, and a wonderful lunch. It was a perfect day.

June enjoyed attending every week. She loved the staff and volunteers, they took such great care of her and I shall never be able to thank them enough. I am continuing to do my little bit, really to try and give something back. I also now count the staff and volunteers amongst my greatest friends.

June unfortunately, is now in a permanent care home as her condition has worsened since taking a fall back in December.

So this is what the Old Silk Works means to me and I am sure June would totally agree if she could express herself.