'Tim Keegan, our newest addition to Old Silk Works day club, shares in his own words his experience of stepping into a new role as a support worker and why it is the best decision he has ever made'

My career in dementia care started quite late, when I was well into my forties. I was made redundant from a job and began to work night shifts in a dementia setting. Although, I enjoyed my job I found the night shifts tough because I didn’t see my children enough during the daytime and I always felt as though I was missing out on valuable time with them.

So, when an opening presented itself at Alzheimer’s Support, I jumped at the chance to join the team.

In the past, I have been fortunate enough to work with Louise Gover, the manager of Old Silk Works so, I knew from the start I would be well looked after. It also meant that I would be able to spend quality time with my family once again whilst doing a job I love and this really does feel like a win, win situation for me.

Learning about lives and interests

What I most enjoy about my job is that I have the opportunity and the time to get to know people, to learn about their lives and interests, which is so rewarding. I will admit, at the start I found it a challenge to cook for so many people but my confidence has grown and I’ve even been given some really helpful cooking tips from members of the club. I honestly can’t quite believe I get paid to do this job because it is so much fun and each day is never the same.

Advice I would give to a new member of staff - take your time and remember you don’t need to know everything straight away. You will have an incredibly supportive and dedicated team, who will always have your back.