Our Trowbridge opened five years ago.
Club manager Jill Mitchener looks back....

Five years of the Mill Street Club!

I can’t believe it is already five years since we opened the day club at Mill Street! In particular I remember the first week and how we all survived!  We were full with 10 members a day from the first day in a new, not quite finished, environment with a group of people who had never met us or each other before.

Little did anyone know the day before opening we were walking across Trowbridge Park transporting boxes from the old Polebarn Day Club across to Mill Street. Thankfully it was a lovely sunny day.

Five years on and would like to feel that we are now part of the Trowbridge community.  People are still surprised to see us so close to the town and always comment on that our environment is not what they expected. 

We recognise how hard it is for people to come into the club for the first time but after a coffee in the indoor garden they can see what we do and feel the lovely atmosphere usually going away more reassured about joining the club. I love it when visitors don’t know who are staff or volunteers or members, to me that is what it is all about just a group of people who get together at the club each day. One of my favourite quotes from a member is ‘I can just be myself here and not try too hard’.

I feel proud to say that four of the original members who joined us in the first week still attend the club today.  The beauty of the club is that we are able to support the member and their loved one on their journey. 

Mill Street Club would not be what it is today without the hard work and dedication of the staff team and volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure everything runs like clockwork …even when it isn’t!   Staff and volunteers equally give their time and generosity to make Mill Street what it is today.

Finally I feel it has been a privilege to have met so many wonderful people who come to Mill Street with a fountain of knowledge and wonderful stories to share with us.  Roll on the next five years!

Jill Mitchener

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