This October we are asking people to get their denim on and donate to help people in Wiltshire who are living with dementia. 

It's super-easy to take part.

1. Pick a day in October and on that day get family and friends, people in your workplace, school, club or church to turn up wearing denim. 

2. Make a donation to Alzheimer's Support.

On 31st October we will hold the Big Count and reveal how much you have raised.

Obviously we would love it if you'd like to make a bit more of the day. Why not...

  • See who can wear the most denim (make sure you send us a picture)

  • Make things out of denim and sell them to raise even more money

  • Sponsor someone to wear something silly made of denim

  • Hold a sponsored denim dash or denim dance
  • Use it as an excuse for a cake sale - everyone loves cake!

Every penny raised will go to fund our community groups for people living with dementia in Wiltshire. 

Watch this space for more ideas, printable posters and invitations to your Denim4Dementia Day.