Welcome to Alzheimer's Support

You may have been referred to us by a health professional or social worker, or you may have found us from a personal recommendation or your own research. However you found us, we're glad that you did!

A diagnosis of dementia should not mean an immediate end to normal life, but many families will need specialist support to help adjust to and manage the changes it can bring. Alzheimer’s Support provides a range of practical services to enhance life and promote independence for those living at home with dementia in Wiltshire and for their family carers. 

How we support people with dementia

Our services include award-winning day clubs and our much-valued one-to-one home support. More than 40 community activity groups include Music for the Mind, Movement for the Mind, memory cafes, art groups, discussion groups, nature and gardening groups and many more - all designed to keep minds and bodies active and reduce isolation. We also have services to support family carers, including monthly carers' groups and twice-yearly training courses.  

Our Home Support and day clubs are fully operational again after lockdown closures, and community groups are now reopening gradually.  

Where to start

The best place to start is by talking to one of our Dementia Advisers.
They will come and see you at home, or in your GP surgery if you prefer, and discuss your situation and the kind of help that is available now and in the future. They will stay in touch and refer you to more services and help if and when you might need it.

Each person with dementia is unique and each carer has their own needs and priorities, so the people we support use different services at different times during their dementia journey. We aim to set up services as quickly as possible but there may be short waits for places at day care and Music for the Mind. Please note you do not need a formal diagnosis of dementia to access our services.

Find your Dementia Adviser

Home Support

Day Care

Activity groups

For family and carers

You will also find a great deal of online support on our new Dementia Roadmap for Wiltshire. This guides families and professionals through every step of the diagnosis process in Wiltshire and leads to a sister site, the Support Village, which pulls together available support. 

Dementia Roadmap for Wiltshire