Roxy Welch

2018: the running shoes are out, dusted off and are ready to take on the Bath Half on Sunday 4th March, for Grandad; his pals at Alzheimer's Support in Trowbridge, as well as his future pals who may need the help of Alzheimer's Support one day in the future.

As many of you will already know, Alzheimer's Support Wiltshire care for my Grandad currently at their Mill Street dementia day club in Trowbridge. Here, once a week he can get involved in small group activities that can involve art therapy, cookery, having visitors from the local primary school, or just relaxing in their indoor garden area with new friends. He is in the safe hands of the friendly team of caring professionals and volunteers who put everything in to make sure Grandad and his pals all leave with smiles on their faces, every week. This club is beyond valuable as it stimulates the minds of dementia sufferers, giving them invaluable social opportunities and activities that they otherwise would not have access to.
Not only is the day club incredible for people like my Grandad it also gives their loved ones, like my Nan, some much-needed time away from being a carer. Since Grandad was diagnosed with this life-changer of a disease, the incredible, sensitive support my Nan and my family have received has helped everyone to slowly come to terms with it, better equipping us all for the current and future stages of dementia.

If you've got this far (sorry I do waffle) then I think we can both agree it's a bloomin' great cause to run for. More so as they're opening a dementia day centre in 2018 at The Old Silk Works (Beech Avenue) in Warminster (where Grandad lives) which will provide dementia services in Warminster and surrounding villages. Alzheimer's Support have secured the building but need to raise £90,000 to cover building costs, furniture, doors, heaters, kitchen equipment, craft materials, tables, storage, art equipment and games in order to make this a bright, friendly and inspirational day club like the Mill Street and other clubs they have in West Wiltshire.

Incredibly they have raised a whopping £60,867.09 so far and I would LOVE to help them reach their goal, for Grandad, his pals and his future pals. Anything you can contribute, no matter how small, it will help so much. Please share and pass onto anyone who you think would be interested in helping such an amazing local charity.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and trust me this money (as well as Ruby's go mummy go which she has been practicing) will make me cross that 13.2 mile mark with a smile on my face. Albeit sweaty, but I promise you smiley.


Roxy Welch