Laura Unwin

Dementia can be cruel, dementia can be sad, but I have witnessed at first-hand how just a little bit of time and patience can brighten someone's day when living with dementia.

I have the opportunity daily to work with some fantastic carers and nurses who every day go to work to help these people.

This is my opportunity to show my colleagues how much their work is appreciated, and to raise a small amount of money to help change someone's life who is suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia.

A small amount of money can make a massive difference to both the person diagnosed and the families involved.

Just think.. if you had dementia would you hope there was money in the pot to help you and your family?

So on Saturday 17th of June, I'm going to be walking 12 miles from Bradford on Avon to Devizes. This is in honour of the residents I've cared for previously and the residents I currently see daily.

And too all my caring colleagues now and previous... keep doing what you're doing!!!!

Laura Unwin