Stephany- Bardzil

I work for Alzheimer's Support and have seen at first hand how magnificently the charity has responded to the current crisis, continuing to be a lifeline for many hundreds of families affected by dementia while income and fundraising have been hard hit. 

This year the charity's annual sponsored Walk to Remember (pictured above) has been converted into a virtual fitness challenge where anything goes. So Simon, Jack, Emily and I are climbing the equivalent height of Mount Kilimanjaro up the stairs! We've worked out we need to go up our 3-metre staircase 1,965 times to reach the summit - that's 70 times a day for each of us for 7 days.
We have a counter at the top to keep a record of our progress so no cheating!

If all goes well - and the stairs hold out - we'll finish on Sunday 17th May.

Please support us!


Update - Friday 15th May

We are more than half way! Huge thanks and love to everyone who has sponsored us.
Tired legs but no altitude sickness yet! 



Update - Sunday 17th May

We did it!! Hooray!! Thank you to everyone who sponsored us.

Stephany- Bardzil