Jason Underwood

Mum meant everything to us as a family and the last few years, we have felt so helpless as we slowly lost her to Alzheimer's.

It was very hard to come to terms and cope with, seeing our Mum/Nan slip away from us as the disease took hold of her. Dad was the one who had to live through that for many years, including the dreadful period prior to her death at the beginning of April. At his wits end, he didn't know how to cope with his world falling apart as he lost the woman he loved and his soulmate for over 50 years. It was heartbreaking to see.

At the early stages, we as a family didn't know where to turn to immediately for support. It's only now that we discover that there was help out there, that could have helped, but for us was too late. So many questions we are asking ourselves now she has gone, along with some kind of understanding of what has been happening to her over the years. But now our attentions turn to helping others who may be going through the same/similar experiences as we have.

Following our Mum's funeral, myself (Jason Underwood) and my brother (Kevin Underwood) have pledged in memory of our Mum Maureen Brenda Underwood, that we are going to fundraise for Alzheimer's Support Wiltshire, to help others. I will be doing A Walk to Remember on Saturday May 19th as a first step.

To be continued......

Jason Underwood