Bev & Dave's 10th Anniversary China Adventure

David May

We are walking part of the Great Wall of China to contribute to the fight against Alzheimer's disease as part of our 10th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Marie’s Walk To Remember

Marie James

To raise money and support a great cause to those affected and their families.

Richard & Anji's Mates

Les Charlton

Cause=good, exercise=good, bacon roll and tee-shirt=verygood

Higby and Dottie Whippets Walk to Remember Sponsorship Page

Grant Newton

Higby and Dottie are rescue whippets who work 4 days a week as therapy dogs in our day clubs. Our dogs as usual are leading our Walk to Remember in a few days and need some sponsors :-)

Team Morrison Walk to Remember

Francesca Morrison

Our youngest members of the team go to Holbrook School which has strong links with Alzheimer’s Support in Trowbridge which they would like to raise money for.

Team Don

Emily Cox

For my grandad who has dementia

Judy's Walk to remember

Judy Penman

Raising money for a great local charity.

Casey Marie's Memory Walk For My Grandad

Casey Marie Henderson

I have decided to do a 12 mile walk in memory of my grandfather who unfortunately passed away in March this year.

Sammy's 'Walk To Remember' 2018

Sammy Hann

To support those living with and caring for those with dementia.

Caroline’s Walk to Remember

Caroline Harris

Families living with dementia need help!

in memory of my husband Alan Jones

Marlyn Jones

You need the money to keep the wonderful clubs going.

Team Don - A Walk to Remember

Michelle Cox

The dementia journey is a tough one and it's great to have a support with you on the journey

Lynn's Memory Walk


In Memory of my Dad

In Memory of Mum (Maureen Underwood).

Jason Underwood

Am fundraising is support of Alzheimers Support and in memory of mum, Maureen Underwood, who we sadly lost at the beginning of April

J-L and Matty’s 2018 Walk to Remember

Jamie Williams

To raise as much money as we can for such a great cause.

Waking to raise money for dementia and Alzheimer's

Kristine Berry

Alzheimer's Support do great work and have personally helped me with my dad.

Sisters A Walk to Remember 2018

Shirley Williams

Such a fantastic organisation that helps so many.

For our beloved Nan

Emily Mills

In memory of our beloved Nan, Eve.

Mcleans Walk to Remember

Amy Mclean

To raise money for a great cause and raise awareness of a condition that affects so many people.

Help me raise money for Alzheimer's Support

Stephen Lockley

We have known people with Alzheimer's and without support from Alzheimer's Support they would have had no free time to little things like shopping.

In memory of Alan Dryden

Kate Churchill

We are taking part in A Walk to Remember to support research into Alzheimer's and support those affected.

Bewley Gals walking for Alzheimer's Support

Barbara Bewley

Two of our nine siblings were diagnosed with Alzheimer's at an early age so we are raising money for Alzheimer's Support in their honour.

The Palm Trees Walk to Remember 2018

Jane Palmer

An organisation close to our hearts and a walk we enjoy.

Forget me not

Melanie Cox

My Grandad has dementia. I am fundraising to help find a cure and the to help support the families living with someone with dementia