Off my rocker

Layla Shanley

It’s for a good cause. I love to raise money and I am scared of heights!

10,000 feet for Alzheimer's Support

Tony Marsh

Help raise funds for the organisation I work for

Mega Abseil

Goughs Solicitors

Goughs Solicitors have chosen Alzheimer's Support as their charity of the year and are busy fundraising to support the charity's work in Wiltshire.

George is running the Bath Half 2020

George Hartrey

I'm running the Bath Half 2020 and I'm using that as an opportunity to raise funds for Alzheimer's Support because I see first hand the incredible work they do. My granddad, David Smith, attends Mill Street Club every Wednesday and I'm determined to do anything I can - no matter how small - to support the day clubs in continuing to improve the quality of life for local Alzheimer's and dementia patients, as well as the support they give to families.

Dry January

Mark Williams

My mum has vascular dementia

Gail's Severn Bridge Half Marathon 25/8/19

Gail Biggs

I work for Coventry Building Society in Trowbridge, our branch raises funds for Alzheimer's Support throughout the year as they are our Community Partner.

Celia & Natasha's Walk to Remember 2019

Natasha Parr

This is a charity that is close to both our hearts!

Walking for Mum, Grandma and Great Grandma

Diana Benham

Alzheimers Support have been a tremendous support for Mum and our family and I'm keen to assist its continuing good work

I will walk 8.5 miles, to raise support for this great cause

Sharon Adam

Please help me by donating something, anything you can afford. Maybe you have a relative or friend that suffers from dementia- an un-reversible condition which affects memory, cognitive skills and even personalities. Sounds tough, right? But with the right help and support they, like many others, can still live active and fulfilled life’s. Making good memories for their families and friends that will last. That’s why I’m walking on Saturday 22nd.

Goughs Walk to Remember

Goughs Solicitors

A team from Goughs Solicitors will be taking part in this year's Alzheimer's Support Walk to Remember, walking over 8 miles over the Warminster countryside.

In memory of Maria

Sarah Smith

Myself, Tim and Bethany are taking part in a charity walk in celebration of the amazing Maria Smith who's birthday would have been on the 21st of June and who sadly passed away in November last year