3rd June 2024

Whether they want to bake a cake or get up and lead an activity, each volunteer's contribution is hugely valued.

This Volunteer's Week, Alzheimer's Support is saying a huge thank you to the men and women who donate their time to making our services happen.

More than 150 people volunteer for the charity, supporting people with dementia in day clubs and community groups, at fundraising memory awareness events and giving talks in the community. 

CEO Sarah Marriott said: "We rely on volunteers across all our services. In our day clubs to ensure people can have virtually one-to-one attention, and in our singing groups, art groups and cafes they make a huge difference, enabling the groups to be the uplifting, happy places they are. We simply could not do what we do to support people with dementia and family carers without the commitment and dedication of our volunteers.

"Each volunteer brings their own unique set of skills. Whether they want to stay in the background, bake a cake or get up and lead a song or run an activity, their contributions are massively valued."

This week every volunteer is receiving a card signed by the people they support. 

Volunteer Manager Annie Clayton said: "It is a small acknowledgement of the contribution people make all year around. And it is so deserved as our volunteers really do make such a difference.

"Whether it is helping out at a singing group, baking for one of our cake sales or representing us in the community - we value everyone who gives their time. We would love to hear from anyone who would like to join the team."

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