13 hours in a box - Ryan Eacott

When Ryan called to tell us he would be spending 13 hours in a box we were a little puzzled, to say the least. His mum, Claire went on to explain that Ryan has been dealing with some health issues and hates feeling ill so much that he wants to help others who are suffering. A huge athletics fan, Ryan was inspired by World Champion and two-time Olympian, Danny Talbot who gave a talk at Ryan's school, St Augustine's Catholic College about doing things that make you happy and that's just what Ryan has decided to do. 

The courageous young man that he is, Ryan came up with the idea all on his own. Being 13 himself he figured one hour for every year of his life wasn't too much to give up for a good cause. Dad was drafted in to get some boxes and with his mum's help, Ryan will fix them together (with some air-holes of course) to form his new home for 13 hours. 

Ryan will be staging the event at his home on October 20th from 9pm - 10am the next day. Whilst you can't come along to cheer him on (his neighbours might be a bit cross) you can support him by donating a small amount to help Ryan achieve his goal.