Dementia in the News

Below is a round-up of news stories about dementia from the UK and world's media.

Please bear in mind that some reports may overstate the case for treatments and remedies, or contain unproven theories and views that are not shared by dementia specialists and experts.

Feb 4 2015 Mr Alzheimer's And Me: TV film helps children understand - The Guardian

Nov 9 2014 New ways to communicate in advanced stage dementia - University of St Andrews,251236,en.php

July 21 2014 Better diagnosis leads to greater dignity - The Guardian

July 17 2014 Research shows therapeutic benefits of gardens - University of Exeter

July 13 2014 Smoking increases dementia risk by 45% - Care Industry News

July 7 2014 Blood test breakthrough in Alzheimer's research - Daily Telegraph

June 19 2014 Dementia 'enemy of humanity' as Cameron calls for global push - BBC News

June 11 2014 Care homes told to make better use of colour and light

May 29 2014 John Humphrys meets people living with dementia - BBC Radio 4 Today (audio)

May 11 2014  Secret free funding for dementia care - The Sunday Times

December 12 2013 G8 pledge for dementia research funding - BBC News

Sept 28 2013 A New Deal for Dementia - the Guardian
A new dementia agenda 

Mar 21 2013 Research Update from Alzheimer's Society 

Feb 18 2013 Alzheimer's Society launches Dementia Friends initiative - Department of Health

Jan 31 2013 New drug may help patients with vascular dementia - Daily Mail

Jan 21 How many hospital patients have dementia? - Accuracy in Public Life website

Jan 14 Doctors still reluctant to refer dementia patients - Daily Mail

Jan 7  Survey into driving after being diagnosed with dementia - Daily Rx

Dec 12  Help for carers in coping with 'shadowing' in dementia - 

Sept 26  Great Western Hospital's Day to Remember - This is Swindon website

Sept 26  Alistair Burns calls for more diagnosis to take place in primary care - Dementia Partnerships website

Sept 24  Call for GPs to diagnose dementia earlier - The Guardian

Sept 12 Warning of retreat from research after drug trials fail - BBC News

 July 26  Ann Johnson travels the country speaking to nurses - The Guardian
What health professionals should know about dementia 

July 20 Elderly will be able to opt-in to social care insurance - The Guardian

July 17 Importance of physical activity - Health Behaviour News Service (online)
Regular Physical Activity May Help Ward Off Dementia Years Later

June 28 Filmmaker talks of being diagnosed with dementia - The Telegraph
Dementia has robbed me of my freedom, says Thunderbirds creator Gerry ...

June 22  Immune system may have a part to play in dementia -
Scientists recommend new type of therapeutic approach to dementia

June 18 NICE guidelines for GPs need to focus more on early diagnosis -
Early dementia diagnosis needs to be made a priority, says ... 

June 18 New guide for careworkers published by DementiaUK - The Guardian Society
How to get ahead in ...dementia care | Social care network ... 

June 14 New study shows supplements don't help - BBC News
Fish oils 'don't help ward off dementia'

June 4 American initiative to build social network for newly-diagnosed - News Channel
Alzheimer's Association starts new program for People with Early-stage Dementia

May 22 If you know someone with dementia, make time for them - The Guardian feature

April 4 Doctors need more training to diagnose dementia earlier - Daily Telegraph
Doctors 'too slow' diagnosing dementia

April 26 Four design innovations unveiled to help people with dementia - The Guardian
Dogs to help people with dementia | Healthcare Network | Guardian ...

April 3 Zinc imbalance found in Alzheimer's brains - Natural Health News

March 28 Government launches 'Challenge on Dementia' - The Guardian
Dementia must be a national priority

March 26 Government pledges to increase funding for dementia research - BBC News

March 19 Two new projects study early stage dementia - Oxford Times
New projects offer dementia hope

March 7 Dementia drugs 'should be used for longer' - BBC News

February 29 Many thousands of dementia sufferers undiagnosed - Pharma Times
Over 400000 dementia patients "have not been diagnosed"

February 29 New report highlights lack of respect for elderly patients - Daily Telegraph
Medical staff lack dementia training, new report finds

February 27 Antipsychotic drugs dangerous for people with dementia - The Daily Mail
Dementia patients twice as likely to die if they take certain drugs ...

February 20 Guide dogs for dementia - The Daily Mail
Guide dogs for the mind: The retrievers being trained to give dementia ...

February 17 Cost of Aricept set to drop - Alzheimer's Society press release

February 17 US researchers claim link to walking speed and dementia - BBC News
Slow walking 'predicts dementia'

February 16 The heath benefits of turmeric - The Daily Mail
Dementia: Eating a curry once or twice a week could stave off symptoms

February 10 Male smokers more at risk from dementia - The Daily Mail
Men who smoke 'more likely to suffer dementia in later life' | Mail ...

February 8 Appeal for brain donors - Daily Mail
British scientists want… your brain: Appeal for donors to help battle against ...

February 9 Success in treating plaques in mice - BBC News online

February 9 How society's ingrained 'dementism' affects every day life - The Guardian
Dementia: a battle of hearts and minds

January 27 Bristol hospital pioneers reminiscence rooms - Mail Online
Hospital creates 1950s living room to help stir memories in dementia patients

January 25 Can mild cognitive impairment in men protect against dementia? - BBC News
Pre-dementia 'more common in men than women'

January 23 Dementia care 'greatly improved' at Salisbury Hospital - Salisbury Journal
Praise for dementia service

January 23 Care home resident wins right to go on holiday - Wales Online
Elderly dementia sufferer takes council to court to win right to go on £3000 ...

January 23 Pioneering community for people with dementia in Switzerland - Worldcrunch
Welcome To “Dementia Village,” A European Experiment In Long-Term Alzheimer's Care

January 19 Architect of controversial social care plans gives his views - The Independent
Let's take the fear out of paying for elderly care, by Andrew Dilnot

January 18 Devon man campaigns for dementia-friendly town - BBC News
Torbay's Norman McNamara in 'dementia friendly' plan for town

January 17 Researchers create sensory environment to raise awareness - The Independent
Dementia: A small taste of hell on earth

January 9 2012 Actor and veteran politicians defend film portrayal of Thatcher's dementia - The Independent
Jim Broadbent: Dementia, even among the famous, shouldn't be a taboo
David Owen: Thatcher's disciples do her no favours by covering up her illness

January 6 2012 Study shows normal brain function deteriorates from mid-40s - BBC News

January 3 2012 Singing for the Brain 'more than a choir' - The Times
Music offers path back for dementia suffers | The Times

December 26 2011 Campaign for early diagnosis gathers pace - New Design World
MPs and peers launch inquiry into dementia diagnosis rates

December 26 2011 Julie Power's mother rediscovers her love of swimming - Sydney Morning News feature
The deep end

December 28 2011 Study shows dietary benefits - Herald ie
Vitamins and fish oil may beat dementia

December 16 2011 Dementia care 'lacking' in English hospitals - BBC News

December 15 2011 Rise in emergency hospital admissions for people with dementia - Press Association
Dementia emergency admissions rise

December 13 2011 Scandal of postcode lottery in dementia care - Daily Mail

December 8 2011 Singing for the Brain choir sings in Liverpool cathedral
Cathedral debut for Alzheimer's Society Choir

December 4 2011 CST scans helpful is some cases Daily Mail
A little-known drug-free treatment can have an amazing effect on Alzheimer's ...

November 28 2011 Deep brain stimulation 'reverses' Alzheimer's

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